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No matter how much research you do on window products, you may find it hard to figure out what kind of windows to install in your home or what company to use. Research is a good jumping off point, but there's as much misleading information available as there is good. At Zen Windows, we want to be sure that some of your research includes speaking to our professionals. Consulting with our professionals ensures you have your questions answered, letting you gain insights from an industry expert. The best thing you can do to start your residential window installation job off right is to consult with us right away.

There are so many reasons to pick Zen Windows for your residential window installation services in San Antonio, TX. From our high-performing, long-lasting products to our unmatched customer service experience and industry-best lifetime warranty, we stand out from all other companies in the industry.

If having the look and practicality you’ve always wanted for your home and removing all of the hassles you might otherwise experience with new window installations sounds appealing, do yourself a favor and contact Zen Windows today to learn more.

Zen Windows manages your residential window replacement and installation projects.

Will Installing New Windows Increase Property Value?

Installing new windows has one of the best returns on investment of any home improvement project. Homeowners in San Antonio, TX regain as much as 70-85% of what they spend to get their windows installed when they put their homes on the real estate market. That means if you have $1,000 worth of costs for your residential window installation project, the resale value can rise to $850. But the overall value climbs exponentially when you include energy savings.

Homeowners' energy efficiency is one of the top priorities today, which is why buyers are willing to spend more for properties with newly installed windows. Energy-efficient windows make it easier to regulate regulate inside temperature by closing off your home from the outside weather. A strong seal will reduce the need to run heating and cooling systems, significantly lowering your monthly energy bills and literally enabling the window installation to pay for itself over time.

Window Installation Process

We clarify the window-installation process with our straightforward approach that removes the need for any pressures from sales people in your home. It should be convenient to get a simple and detailed quote that you can depend on when allocating funds for window installations, and that's precisely what we offer. There's no money down to have your project started and you’ll have access to the owner who'll make certain that you’re 100% satisfied with the installation. You can expect us to deliver the kind of high-quality results that have warranted an impeccable reputation.

We follow the process below for residential window installations:

  • Request a quote on our website or call our location in San Antonio, TX
  • We’ll follow up to go over the details of the project
  • Your estimate is emailed to you for approval
  • Our manager will plan a time to measure your windows
  • Residential windows will be installed professionally by skilled installers
  • You don’t pay anything until your window installation is complete and you’re totally satisfied
  • Your residential windows come with a double lifetime warranty that covers labor and materials for you and new homeowners if you decide to sell

Window Materials And Styles

The materials most commonly used to construct modern windows include:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass

Vinyl has become very popular in recent years to take hold of nearly an equal share of the market as wood-frame windows. Zen Windows in San Antonio, TX recommends homeowners install new windows made with vinyl since they're superior to wood and aluminum in terms of energy efficiency and better value overall.

Vinyl windows have exceptional longevity and a comparable lifespan to wood at 15-20 years or more. Unlike wood, vinyl won't contract, decay, or warp as much due to the weather. The durability and low upkeep of vinyl improves its energy efficiency. Although vinyl won't last as long as aluminum (30+ years), aluminum loses heat quickly and has poor energy efficiency. Only fiberglass will outperform vinyl windows, but it's not enough to account for its enormous price tag (typically 30%+ more expensive).

An additional factor to consider is the design of the windows. Zen Windows in San Antonio, TX has a varied inventory of window styles to pick from, including:

  • Awning
  • Single Hung
  • Double Hung
  • Picture/Shape
  • Bow/Bay
  • Slider
  • Casement

Varying styles will give attractive aesthetics to your home. Each works differently for your needs and will offer varying levels of energy efficiency. For example, casement windows open like a door, offering the most ventilation to air out a room more rapidly than the single-hung kind.

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You won’t work with a better window installation company than Zen Windows in San Antonio, TX. We bring outstanding window products to suit any design or budget to the industry and the best buying experience you’ll ever have in home improvement. The Zen Process is special, eliminating all of the difficulties that make homeowners avoid residential window installations. Add value to your property and lower your energy bills with the latest upgrades of the most energy-efficient windows available today. Zen Windows also offers a genuine double lifetime warranty on every window we install that greatly exceeds industry standards. Make the smart investment and contact us right away for a free estimate and a hassle-free experience.

Zen Windows is the best window installation company in San Antonio, TX. We provide unbeatable value on products and services, including contemporary, energy-efficient window replacements to enhance your home and the best shopping experience you’ll ever have.