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5 Common Window Myths Debunked

When windows are working the way they should, most of us don’t tend to give them much thought. But when you start looking into replacing your home’s windows, you’re suddenly faced with a lot of often conflicting advice. Unfortunately, much of it’s grounded in myths that have no bearing in reality.

If you’re confused by all the different replacement window information you’re read and heard, we’re here to help set the record straight. Let’s bust some common replacement window myths once and for all!  

Don't Believe These Window Myths

Myth: Replacement Windows are Different From “New” Windows

All replacement windows are “new” windows. The confusion seems to set in because the term “replacement windows” refers to those installed where older windows already exist. If you're installing a window where none previously existed or installing a window of a different size or shape, the installation process will be slightly different. But whether you’re installing our vinyl or fiberglass replacement windows, the result is the same: a brand-new window.

Myth: U-Factor Is The Sole Element Determining Energy Efficiency

A U-factor represents the amount of heat a window transfers or loses, meaning it largely affects your home’s inside temperature. Other window elements like low-E coatings, the number of panes, solar heat gain coefficient, visible transmittance, air leakage, and condensation resistance can affect your home’s temperature and energy efficiency, too.

Myth: All The Windows In Your Home Must Be The Same Style

Different windows serve different purposes, and each style has its advantages and disadvantages depending on your goals. For aesthetic reasons, many homeowners tend to stick with one style of window on the front of their home, maybe adding one bay or bow window for architectural interest.

The truth is, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing a window style for your home. Yes, slider windows are a great choice for ranch-style homes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them with your Tudor home. You just might want to consider putting them on the back exterior. Double-hung windows work equally well with bungalow, Cape Cod, and Georgian Federal-style homes. People who live in industrial modern homes tend to choose casement and picture windows as well as custom-size and shape windows.

The goal is to choose windows that meet your needs, please your sense of style, and complement your home’s architecture at the same time.

Myth: Vinyl Windows Warp

This common misconception comes from the fact that vinyl windows are made from a type of plastic called polyvinyl chloride or PVC. But PVC isn’t like other plastics. It’s extremely durable and used in a wide range of building materials, including piping. It doesn’t warp no matter how high temperatures climb, how much sun your home gets, or how much moisture it’s exposed to.

Myth: All Window Replacement Companies Are the Same

Just like with any other home improvement you make, replacement windows have different levels of quality and performance based on who you buy them from and who installs them. You want to work with a company you can trust to be there for you before, during, and after your new replacement windows are installed.

At Zen Windows, we offer great products, but we also make the replacement window buying experience as stress-free and hassle-free as possible. Our decades of experience, positive reviews, and stellar reputation mean you get a personalized experience unlike any other.

We hope this information helps you separate fact from fiction when it comes to window replacement. Have more questions? Contact Zen Windows online today or call us at (512) 647-1707 for a free quote.