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Entry Door Replacement & Installation Services

At Zen Windows, we know that a replacement front door is an investment that will soon pay for itself. If you are considering replacing your front door, you should consider the following questions:

  • What materials provide the safest door?
  • Will the door be heavy or light?
  • What material should the door be constructed of?
  • What color should the door be?
  • Will the door include windows?
  • How will the door improve the energy efficiency of my home?

The right front door will maximize the curb appeal of your home, improve energy efficiency, and increase security. Our door replacement company will ensure that your replacement door is installed to the highest standards.

Are you looking to replace your front door? Call (512) 647-1707 today to get a quote for a new door installation and answer any questions you might have about the perfect door for you!

When to Replace Your Front Door

Here are some signs it’s time to replace your old entry door:

  • Your front door is difficult to open and close
  • Your front door has a lot of dings and rust on it
  • Your front door has moisture between the panes of glass
  • Your front door is weathered, warped, or cracked
  • Your front door lets freezing weather inside your home
  • Your front door has water damage or insect damage

Types of Entry Doors

With the Zen Dojo Entry Door Series, the options abound while the ordering process remains simple and painless, leaving you time to relax and cross these home remodeling projects off your list. When you contact us and mention your interest in replacing your entry door(s) we will provide you with a full brochure and walk through all the basic options in just a few minutes. No need for a long, drawn-out presentation.

Here are a few of the popular colors of our wood grain fiberglass replacement entry doors.

fiberglass door style options

Benefits of Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass entry doors have been sweeping the industry. Here are some of the many benefits of these products:

  • Thermal insulation
  • Versatile facade
  • Durable against the elements
  • Low maintenance

Fiberglass doors are made from two exterior fiberglass skins, molded into their shape with a polyurethane core between them. This foam core serves as the perfect thermal insulator when it comes to protecting your home from hot and cold temperatures. All of the door’s materials are moisture-resistant, making fiberglass doors:

  • Impermeable to warping, swelling, and rot
  • Reliable in any weather condition or event
  • Highly secure, durable, and scratch-resistant

Additionally, fiberglass can be molded into almost any shape or pattern, giving you the option to create a custom look that will perfectly match your home’s style!

Fiberglass Doors vs. Wood Doors

Traditional wood doors have been a classic go-to when it comes to entryways. While wood doors are generally very durable, they are also susceptible to swelling and warping when weather changes or there’s excess moisture in the air. Regular maintenance and refinishing of your wooden entry doors can help prevent some of this damage while retaining the natural beauty of your wood doors.

Although wood may be popular for historic homes, many contemporary homes are outfitted with fiberglass doors. The versatility of fiberglass is unmatched. Not only are these doors incredibly energy-efficient due to their design, but they can also be faced to mimic almost any pattern or texture. This means you can get the beautiful aesthetic of wood grain pattern without the concern or maintenance!

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Zen Windows has years of experience in door installation. We can help you update your home with a new door or suggest the best door to keep energy bills down. We deliver quality doors to all our customers and we are not happy with the product and service unless you are.

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