DAYTON, OH – When most people are taking about replacement windows, they are usually thinking double pane windows, that is to say—two layers of glass with an insulation layer between. When going through the process of replacing windows (something you’d like to do just once in a house) why not go to the ultimate and still very affordable triple pane windows?  You would be adding the most insulating power and window strength available for these larger openings in your home.

Unless you live somewhere other than Dayton and the surrounding area, and have a perfectly balanced climate where you live, the heat in your home will leach out through double pane windows faster than triple pane window (ours is AMA Gold Label Certified and called the Triple Pane Lotus).

You are already spending money on heating and cooling you probably don’t want that money to just leak through old windows and doors (you can also ask us also about our Zen Dojo door series). There are cases to be made to further insulate exterior walls (especially in an old house) where insulation may barely providing any insulation value. But assuming your walls are not the culprit, your windows are by far the largest area that would show up on a heat sensor audit of your home (It is best to do these graphically visual energy audits during very cold days which allows you to see the cold penetrating walls but more primarily old windows).

If you do have an offer from your local energy company to audit your home with a heat sensor camera to reveal problem areas, you may even see that prior installations of windows (around those windows) they may have not added back in all the insulation required. You may have noticed this problem prior, by just placing your hand on the wall beside a window frame (on the inside & on a cold day) and the temperature may be oddly cool right around the perimeter of the window. Triple pane windows won’t make up for poorly installed triple pane windows, which is why working with a team of professional installers that normally install our windows (from Soft-Lite).

Other cheaper solutions may exist in the price of the window, but with a newbie installer, problems may abound with how that window installed, and properly insulated and caulked. Insulation is primarily a concern when the entire window frame is removed which is required in some cases when switching certain window types.

Get your Zen Windows Dayton replacement window quote started online today. It’s all at your own pace and saves you hours by using our simplified approach.