You don’t have to live in the Midwest for a very long time to become familiar with the fluctuation of temperatures and if you live in Dayton, Ohio you’re familiar with nasty cold and wet winters and sometimes these changes within the same day! But how do your old sometimes foggy, hard-to-open, with callking-all-cracked windows stack up to these conditions. Are they cold to the touch? Do they radiate heat in the summer and cold even when you just walk by them? While there are many other factors, most often the questoin is first, “How many panes in the windows?”

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Old single pane windows are a no brainer to replace if you have this project on your list. But also older double pane windows do not have the insulation (special gasses between the panes) to maximize the insulative power of new engineering in the window industry.

As the temperature drops in the winter, it’s ideal to have replacement window glass package that can withstand low temperatures. To best combat any excess heating and cooling costs (due to energy loss), you might consider implementing double or triple pane glass. The technology behind these types of engineered glass creates a superior barrier between the air on the outside and the conditioned air on the inside of your home. Excepting the winter, humidity levels persist as a problem here in Dayton, which means more energy costs for treating the air to remove excess humidity via AC units.

Go Triple
Lotus windows are the go-to standard triple pane windows used by Zen Windows. These triple pane glass windows consist of, to no surprise, three separate layers of high grade class. The space in between these layers are then filled with an inert gas, in this case, argon gas. The gas acts as an additional barrier to create an airtight thermal and sound barrier within your Lotus Zen replacement window. In addition to comfort and energy efficiency, not coincidentally, triple pane windows will increase the value of your home.

Though triple pane windows serve a purpose and are desired by most consumers, double pane windows may fit your needs just as well. Nirvana double pane windows offered by Zen Windows Dayton work similarly to triple pane windows but at a lower cost. The principle physics behind double pane windows closely resembles triple pane windows; glass sheets separated by an inert gas. The panes of glass that make up the construction of these highly engineered windows are coated with a Low-E coating. This coating works together with other features of the window to create a highly energy efficient asset to your home.

If you hope to upgrade, Zen Windows Dayton provides lots of possibility for various glass, spacer, and Low-E combinations all of which we can help you narrow down with a few quick questions when we talk on the phone to confirm your quote details. We will also send you our full Zen Windows Dayton Brochure with all the double- or triple-glass configurations to several different Low-E coatings and spacer options, so you will see that Zen has you covered.

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