Zen Windows was the brainchild of Daniel Wolt back in the late 90s. After spending over a decade in the grueling replacement window industry it was pretty clear that the way the business was being run did not treat the clients like he would wish to treat them.

So Dan set out to re-create the replacement window buying process, first in Ohio in the Columbus and originally including some window installations in the Dayton area. While there may be hundreds of manufacturers making replacement windows in the US, there’s really only a few dozen ‘top shelf’ manufactures in the country. Dan was determined to find the best fit and apply new model of window sales experience facing the customer that would allow the customer to be at the center instead of being pressured and corralled by over anxious sales people.

Since it was pretty clear that most people have had unsatisfactory experiences with window companies, Dan first implemented a no money down policy as part of the bed rock of the Zen Windows model. This entirely shifts the power into the hands of the customer and allows them to engage Zen Windows with confidence.

Another major hallmark of the Zen Windows model is that Dan did away with having the sales person come to your home, which is fairly imposing, and shifted the interactions to leveraging every day digital communications including phone, email, and our Zen Windows supporting website complete with video demonstrations and also great photography of our window product line.

Zen Windows growth has taken it into almost every major market in the United States with more regions coming online each year. Zen Windows Dayton is proud to serve the Dayton area.

It all starts with an no obligation easy-to-complete online window quote with a smallest investment of your time instead of many hours.

Like the Buddha says, “the trouble is, you think you have time.”

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