If you’re in the market for new replacement windows for your Dayton, OH area home you have come to the right place. Zen Windows Dayton has a well-defined process to review all your options without the need for an intrusive sales pitch in your home.  With the use of the web and a quick phone call, all of your key questions will be answered.

It all starts with going to our home window replacement quote page, and letting us know the type of windows and quantity needed. It’s that easy. We take care of the rest. And we will only have one conversation to clarify or give you any follow up questions.

For example: you indicate that you need 12 windows, all double-hung. We would just want to make sure the size of these windows is within a certain size, if not, we would just need to verify the correct size. There are a few other options we can run down the line with you to make sure you have the exact windows that you want, desire, and need.

Some of the other questions that may arise are just as easy to answer. Would you like grids in your windows? Would you like a different color on the outside of the house verses the inside of the house? A lot of folks will go with white on the outside and white inside. But some would want to have the outside tan, and have the inside white to properly match the outside colors.

We are excited to be able to offer such a simplified replacement ordering process. Once you have the quote in hand, you are ready to go! The next thing that happens is our installation manager will do a final measure and then your windows will be ordered and will arrive for installation in typically 3 weeks on average. Yep, simple and streamlined, it’s that easy!