DAYTON, OH – Zen Windows Lotus, is our top of the line triple pane replacement window available in Dayton, OH. (Watch the video on the top right to compare all versions)

Our Zen Windows Dayton Lotus offering sports fusion welded sashes and frame, fully beveled head, integral lift rail, an advanced metal-free warm-edge sealing system, Certa-Force balance system, low-profile tilt latches (on our most popular window style, double hung windows), screen latch (to securely lock the screen in place, not friction fitted which can pop out), and tight mortise-cut, double-wall sill dam which protects from air and water infiltration even with higher winds hitting the window.

For more information about this great Lotus Triple pane window and its AAMA Gold Label Certification, meeting all and exceeding all standards for Air and Water protection, call us or initiate a discussion with us by starting a quote. Click here.

Delta heavy-duty locking – secure your sashes and provide top-shelf weather protection physical security.

Fiberglass Reinforced – the connecting rails provide maximum structural integrity and further enhance the security of the window itself.

Heavy-duty vent, night latch locking – provides a safer way to partially open a window at the top or bottom for additional ventilation without opening the entire window.

Comfort Foam – Some windows on the market will skip this added step, which adds to the overall thermal properties, effectiveness.

If you’re thinking about comparing top double pane window performance, why not go triple pane for only slightly more money, while securing a more robust, protective window and the most energy efficient.