Selecting your replacement windows is no longer a challenge. The easiest way to overhaul your old windows and replace them with new vinyl super insulated and upgraded windows—is to make a note of the different types of windows in your home and count how many of each.

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It really doesn’t have to be any more difficult than that. The only thing difficult about unique or fancy windows is figuring out the name, bow, bay or custom shaped windows maybe slightly trickier than the typical double hung windows here in Dayton. Most homes have double hung windows, the windows that slide up and down, having a top section and an identical upper section. So if your home here in the Dayton area is similar to most American homes—your replacement window tally is largely going to be made up of double hung windows.

Maybe you have a slider window, which is a window that has two vertical window sections and they slide left and right. Sometimes the slider windows do have three parts but most often just two.

Sometimes bathrooms or other smaller spaces have hopper or awning windows—these windows either open from the bottom and swing outward (awning windows), or they open at the top and hinge open (hopper).

To look at a view of all of our replacement window types, click on this link and you’ll see an illustration which makes it easy to comprehend which type of window you may have in your home. Once you have the list of window types and how many of each you’re ready to submit your replacement window quote request.