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What are the dangers of buying cheap windows for my Dayton, Ohio area home?

Window replacement can occasionally be very complicated and expensive in some cases and requires an entire tear out of the framework surrounding the windows. Most window replacements do not require the entire tear out which saves you money and also time (limited/less disruption).

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But again if you’re going with windows that are the ‘cheapest chicken’ and are not exactly the right size but can ‘approximately fit’ within your windows space, then the installers will likely have to beef up all the edges with vinyl trim shrinking your overall window size. This can be very disappointing if you don’t understand how an improperly sized window can literally shrink the view from the inside of your home.

With Zen windows Dayton, after you have approved the quote, our installation manager will get precise measurements and once your custom sized windows arrive, you have the benefit of working with very well engineered windows that give you the maximum viewing space within your home.

One customer that went with a different vendor years ago had a very large sliding window over the kitchen that lost several inches of viewable area due to all of the compromises during the installation. The whole window was framed in further and further to where it was evident that the installation job (though not a fault of the installers, was compromised by the wrong size windows being ordered).

Give us a call at Zen windows Dayton, or go online for a quick window quote to get the conversation started and we will make sure your custom fit windows make the most of what your house can be.

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